Getting to Know Your Newborn Baby

From the moment your baby is born, they are able to see in black, white and grey.  Your baby will find it difficult to focus on anything further than 25cm away but will be able to hold your gaze for a few touching moments.  Immediately, your newborn baby will be able to recognise your voice.  Most of all, your baby will love cuddles!  As your baby has been confined for the last nine months in the womb, this will make her feel safe.

As you get to know your newborn baby, you will likely experience a spectrum of emotions.  Here, we’re taking a close look at how you may feel with the arrival of your baby and how to bond with your baby.

How You May Feel

Don’t worry if you are feeling a little different to what you expected after the birth of your baby.  New parents can react in a number of different ways.  Some will immediately fall ‘head-over-heel in love’, whereas for others it may take a little longer.  After the birth, you will likely feel both elated and exhausted and it may take you a little while to figure out what your baby wants.

How Your Newborn Baby Looks

At first, your newborn baby may look a bit odd!  After birth, your baby may look wrinkly, squashed and even bruised.  Not to worry!  Within the next few days, your babies skin will smooth and their head will become rounder.

Bonding with Your Baby

After your baby is born, you will begin to bond with your baby and develop intense feelings of attachment.  Bonding is a very personal experience and it shouldn’t worry you if this takes a little time to happen.  Remember, your baby is a completely new person and it may take you a little while to get to know her.

We hope this has put your mind at ease if you were a little worried about getting to know your new baby.  If you’re still a little unsure about life as a new parent, why not book a spot on our helpful ‘Care of a Newborn Infant’ class today!

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