Make Time for Your Health and Wellbeing with YogaBellies!

It’s never easy to carve out personal time and place your own priorities above those of your child in the ever-challenging world of motherhood.  Whilst we all know it’s important to take some me time, (particularly to focus on your own health, fitness and recuperation) there are still a lot of mums that find the fitness, health and well-being of their child fills this space.  But, there’s a new category of fitness classes that aim to curb this behaviour!

Whilst prenatal yoga has long been a mainstay for many expectant mothers and is now viewed as one of the safest exercises during pregnancy, new mother and baby fitness classes are providing new mums with the ability to exercise by integrating their babies and toddlers into the mix.  This new type of postnatal exercise is a great way for new mums to take time to reflect, relax and meet other mummies for some much-needed biscuit eating and tea drinking after post pregnancy yoga.

Here at the Birkenshaw Midwifery Clinic, we are proud to be partnered with YogaBellies, which offer a fantastic range of authentic workshops, therapies and yoga classes, including pregnancy exercise classes, maternity workouts, post pregnancy classes for mum and baby, as well as yoga for children.  YogaBellies aims to provide options for women and children at every stage of their lives.

The YogaBellies for Mum and Baby classes offer rejuvenating and relaxing sessions especially designed for postpartum mums and babies.  With a unique twist if authentic yogic techniques, which aim to help guide and help you to adjust as a new mother, each of the sessions are for mum and baby, with the bay playing an integral role within the class.  The Loving Touch classes help to provide soothing and bonding for you and baby and offer up some much-needed support in the shape of your other YogaBellies mummies!

Contact us today if you are looking for more information on the range of exercise classes offered by YogaBellies and we’ll put you in touch with the right people!

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