Top Tips for Surviving a Summer Pregnancy

Whether you’re set to jet off on holiday or enjoying those elusive days of British summer, you may be finding it more difficult to deal with the hotter weather.  Pregnancy naturally raises your body temperature, and the energy it takes for you to move around with a bump can leave you feeling exhausted.

It’s super important to keep yourself cool during pregnancy.  Not only will overheating make you feel really miserable, it can also lead to tiredness and dehydration.  In some extreme cases, it can even lead to heat stroke.  Fortunately, we’ve got plenty of top tips to help you cope with the rising summer temperatures.

Preventing Dehydration

Making sure to drink enough in the hot summer moths can become an after-thought for some women during pregnancy.  Since you’ll constantly be sipping, why not make your drink a fun one!  Get creative with fun fruity concoctions or why not make some homemade ice lollies.  These are the perfect sweet snack and they’re loaded with H2O!

Tackling Swelling

Pregnancy swelling can become painful and uncomfortable in summer, causing your feet, ankles and calves to become one swollen mass.  To help reduce any swelling, make sure to keep your legs elevated when possible.  Natural diuretics like celery, citrus fruits and watercress could also help with persistent swelling.

Coping with Extreme Heat

While it may be obvious, when you’re far along in your pregnancy during summer months, tackling extreme heat can become a mammoth task.  One of the quickest ways to combat rising temperatures is to take a dip at your nearest pool.  Not only will this help lower your body temperature, it also provides a great low-impact workout for you.  If you’re worried about overheating why not eat some ice cubes for an immediate cooling effect.  If you don’t have access to any ice cubes try running your wrists under a cold tap.  Running cold water on your pulse points is also a great way to help lower your core body temperature.

Dealing with Soaring Temperatures

The summer months may leave you feeling uncomfortable as temperatures begin to rise.  One of the best things about a summer pregnancy is the lightweight and comfortable maternity clothes you can wear.  Loose and light-coloured clothing will help to prevent overheating.  Adding a wide brimmed hat is also another great way to keep cool.


It’s important that you stay happy and healthy during your pregnancy.  These top tips should help ease any discomfort you may be feeling in the warmer weather.  If you have any questions about the different workshops we offer here at Birkenshaw Midwifery Clinic, contact us today!




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