Is Using Acupuncture A Safe Way To Increase Fertility?

Meta: Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese medicine that provides a safe and effective way of increasing fertility when going through the procedure of IVF.  

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It is easy to see why anyone struggling with infertility might try hard to find a way to fight this devastating diagnosis. This is why many women turn to IVF and other treatments to try and see if they can get a second chance at having a baby.

IVF treatment is a medical procedure that works to fertilise the egg with sperm using a test tube. IVF treatment can be very costly and so some families can only afford to do it once. Unfortunately, it is not always successful and so it is understandable that some parents try to do everything they can to make it work the first time. One popular way of increasing the chances of success of IVF treatment is to have some IVF acupuncture.

Using Acupuncture with IVF

The whole process uses very traditional Chinese medicine and involves fine needles being placed into certain lines in the skin. These energy lines can then increase the blood flow in your body to your reproductive organs. IVF acupuncture is a great way of reducing any stress that you are having about the whole procedure.

Using the method of IVF acupuncture has worked well for a lot of couples and studies have shown that you can see an increased chance of pregnancy if you use this with IVF treatment. It is important to do your research if you plan on trying out this method as IVF acupuncture can sometimes work better if you start before you begin your cycle.

Is it safe?

The main worry that people have when deciding to go ahead with IVF acupuncture is surrounding the safety of the whole procedure. The great thing about this is that it’s a natural method and there are very little, if any, side effects of using acupuncture to increase fertility when you are on IVF treatment.

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